“Influence the conversation and you'll influence the relationship.  Influence the relationship and you'll influence the outcome you desire.”

Learn about Relationship Economics (Wiley) by David Nour


Do you "network" or
       do you build lasting business relationships?

Ask anyone about networking and they're likely to describe it as a necessary evil, or a must to find a job, your way around a new city, industry, role, customers or suppliers.  By definition, the overall concept of "net-working" conveys a chore and something many feel that they have to-do versus the development of a set of business relationship skills instrumental to personal and professional development.  It's also one letter away from "not-working!" 

Conversely, ask them about business relationships and they use terms such as trust, influence, long term and a deep sense of mutual benefit.  Having read over 100 books on interpersonal business relationships and collaborating with social networking thought-leaders around the world, most of the content in the market today is focused on the art of building business relationships - how to get and give business cards, build your "networking survival guide" or become a "conference commando."  The science is often - well, too academic.

What is missing is a hybrid approach - more specifically, the systematic, quantifiable transformation of an individual, a team or an organization's most valuable business relationships into business development success, world-class customer service, and project management performance.  Through the Strategic Relationship Planning™ (SRP) process, our team has developed business relationship matrix, indices, and scorecards intended to redefine ROI as a Return on Involvement™, Return on Influence™, Return on Integration™, and Return on Image™.  In short, a return on business relationship investments toward getting things done!

For an overview of Relationship Economics, watch this interview of David Nour, business relationship expert: